Agile Culture

Agile Enthusiasts

We use Agile tools & techniques to deliver the best products: Scrum as our framework, XP to use the best development practices, Lean, to understand and eliminate waste as well as Kanban to have our work presented in fine, visual manner.


Fail fast - fix fast

We are not afraid to make mistakes as they enable us to shorten feedback loops and make correct, fact-based decisions as well as to better understand the business needs.

Amplified learning

Which consists of:

  • Celebrate failure/success
  • Guilds
  • Platforms (Pluralsight)
  • Training budget
The 70-20-10 Model for Learning and Development - you choose your own path

10% of time devoted to self-study, 20% gained from interaction with others and 70% from job-related experiences - we put it into practice.

Daring to be Better

Openness to ideas and innovation - we love to experiment. Our eyes are wide open - starting from ourselves, we dare to question, we stay curious and change what has been established.

Fail fast - Fix fast
Choose your own Path
Amplified Learning
Dare to be Better


Feedback Culture

We take every opportunity to share respectful feedback - is a blessing to us.

No-blame Culture

We work as a Team, we approach issues analysing what has happened and how to fix it rather than who to blame.

Focus on Team's Happiness

Gathered after every sprint to check on business satisfaction.

Business-first Approach

Our work is driven by business needs.

Non-Violent Communication

We develop our communication skills to let others understand our needs so that our collaboration is satisfying for everyone.


This is the key and happens on all levels, business-people and development teams come together on a daily-basis.

Data-driven Approach

We have empirical minds - we base our actions on facts.

No-blame Culture
Collaboration is the Key
Data-driven Approach
Business-first Approach
Focus on Team's Happiness
Non-Violent Communication
Feedback Culture


Take it to the Team

Our Teams are the ones who decide.

Accountability as a Team, not an individual

We are all responsible and accountable together.

Self-organizing and cross-functional Scrum Teams

These are must have skills in the team in order to be able to achieve the sprint goals without blockers.

Bottom-up Intelligence

We rely on our Teams' experience and knowledge to create solutions. We work on a partner level and value our employees' initiatives the most.

Best practices
  • Features Toggle
  • Test Automation
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Test Driven Development
  • Peer Code Reviews
  • Pair Programming
Eyes on the Target

We have clearly defined objectives, we know where our focus is.

Bottom-up Intelligence
Accountability as a Team
Eyes on the Target
Take it to the Team

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